Assorted weird stuff in Astoria

There's some sort of weird stuff in Astoria too.

The Squirrel's not weird though, he's just cool (see below).


More Astoria (repeat 5 times fast)

My neighborhood is so darn awesome. It's vintage, quaint, hoppin, happenin, and there's a Starbuck's on the corner- which is perfect, cuz I never eat at Starbucks, ah ha!

It may be in 'Queens' but Astoria's got beautiful trees, cool weird shaped buildings (see below - Greek Orthodox Church), and all a that. I imagine it's like Athens for the States!—and proof that everywhere you go, there's something great to see (see my upcoming Brooklyn posts once I'm finished with Astoria).


Can I take you to Astoria?

There is much to learn in life... so many things they don't teach you in school. Like how to send a fax, write a check, fix a printer jam, and automate a batch of photos in Photoshop. Now, those are all things I never learned but found I needed to know when I moved to the city and got my first real job. Just as important, it is important to learn the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Technically, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and... I'm forgetting one.... Brooklyn (!!) are all considered part of "New York City." "New York City" is not just New York, NY aka Manhattan.

Anyway, that's not my point.

It was a joy to learn and memorize the 5 boroughs—and also very challenging I must say. Either way, I've got it, got it, good!

Here are some pics I took in Astoria Park on a lovely spring day. Let's say, mid-April. The Park overlooks the East River, and is just across from Upper East Side, Harlem and The Bronx, I think... I'm not sure. It's tough having to learn everything.

P.S. Did I by any chance just clarify for anyone that it is called "Astoria" not "Historia"? Anyone? Anyone!?


Right outside my door...

is a beautiful view of Broadway. I step outside and oh my gah it's Sponge Bob and cotton candy and games and a live band. It's early October at the time and the street festivals are making their last rounds of the city.

96th Street & Broadway in the evening and on a rainy October night :o)


Leaving BP for FiDi

So I'm at the bottom-most tip of Manhattan and I feel like I'm going to fall off so I pack up my little pink Sony and walk up to the Financial District to fuel up on some lunch.

I'm one of the bravest people I know. So brave, I'll even go into a deserted Chinese restaurant with those huge hideous pictures on the wall, by myself, and eat my usual Sweet & Sour Chicken off of what is probably the dirtiest, germ-infested brown plastic tray there is. Yum yum.

Here's a lovely shot from the place I went to down on Duane Street : )

Next stop, BP

No.. not the gas station on Houston.

I know I've been moving pretty slow though the city lately, but I can't help it - it takes a while to get all the way down to Battery Park!