Contemporary Art in LIC

Here are some more images from the P.S. 1 MoMA: Contemporary Art Center, located in Long Island City. These are all in the same room as part of the Jonathan Horowitz: And/Or exhibit, containing minimalist style sculptures, humanist pop portraiture and video projections. Man, I love going to museums!

Tofu on Pedestal in Gallery, 2002

Go Vegan! (200 Celebrity Vegetarians
Downloaded from the Internet), 2002


The MoMA in Queens

There's a MoMA in Queens! I didn't realize that until now. The venue is called: P.S. 1 MoMA: Contemporary Arts Center.

I've been reading about this awesome installation by Leandro Erlich titled Swimming Pool and was unsure of the piece's ending date (March 09? October 09?) so I rushed over there on Sunday afternoon to check it out and see for myself what it would be like to stand inside of a swimming pool, fully clothed and camera equipped.

Erlich's installation is a full size swimming pool that is actually empty except for a few inches of water on the surface that lie above a full length piece of acryllic. You can enter inside the empty pool by taking the stairs underneath the deck, through a hallway and then into a small entrance way, and look up at the visitors above as they look down at you, standing inside a pool, unwet!


Bethesda still feels summerish

In the winter the Bethesda Fountain is dry and the gooey green stuff in The Lake by The Boathouse is frozen over, but something about this spot can still make you feel like it's summertime and you've gone for a jog in your shirt and shorts, like most people did on a fairly warm February day when the temperature peaked around 50 degrees.


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from My New York City Photos, aka @NYCphotos (if you're on twitter).

I'm spending the weekend showing a special someone around the city, touring places like Central Park, Astor Place, Times Square, The Upper East Side, The Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, Battery Park and any spot that has a great photo opp. Shouldn't be too hard to find some here in NYC!

These are some specialty items from the Judith Leiber store on 61st and Madison. The little crystal miniatures are about $295. Yes, I want one(s).



The Bethesda Terrace, located in Central Park near the east 60's and 70's, was a popular spot on Sunday February 8th. Saturday it had been warm, in the 50's, and on Sunday it was warm up until the afternoon when it became cold and windy again. People were out jogging in shorts and shirts though. It was freakish.

So the Bethesda angel is part of the Bethesda Fountain that blesses the Bethesda Pool (in The Gospel of John). Her wings are pointy and pierce the sky.


Now I've got snow pictures!

I jinxed myself in a good way - I finally took some cute snow pictures! On Saturday, January 31st I headed over to Central Park just before the sun set to see what the park looked like in the dead of winter. I figured the snow would be melted away from the afternoon sun, but instead everything was white (and black too, as you can see).

I've never seen the park covered in snow before. I was impressed. So I entered the park and walked along the slippery paths towards the pond where ducks and geese fluttered and flew about, picking at seeds thrown by a nearby park goer.

It was cold and I froze so I had to leave, but I was happy to see the animals, including a raccoon.

View from border on 59th Street & 5th Avenue. See it in the summertime.

and on flickr.


Night is scary

It's February and I haven't posted any winter related pictures yet! What kind of New York City photos person am I? Last year it only snowed about three times and not one time did it last throughout the day. The sun came up and melted it all right away.

So far this year it has snowed nearly a dozen times and always at night while the city that never sleeps, sleeps. In the morning I put on my snow boots and long johns and grab an umbrella in case there is still a little bit of a snowfall. There usually is, but between carrying a purse, my bag lunch and umbrella while fumbling with gloves and scarves, it's pretty impossible to take a picture of the beautiful white snow.

So I don't have any cute pictures of the snow, but for now I have this scary image of a tree and pedestrian sign on 31st Street in Astoria, Queens.

look closely, there's a little bit of snow!