Are you in there, Boo?

Boo Radley's hang out spot in Astoria: (except... it's not hollow!)


The scariest bridge in the city

Here you see the Triborough Bridge, the scariest bridge in NYC - or atleast the only bridge I've ever driven a U-Haul truck across!


Astoria Sunday Sunset

Okay, I actually thought I took these pictures on a Sunday, but it was a Saturday haha.

Anyway, I live 10 blocks from the Astoria Park and always mean to go walking or jogging—but forget working out! How can you concentrate with this view!? I love the sunlight and dark and light colors that come from it. The sun is glowing!


Nano billboard

View from 59th Street and 2nd Avenue - where the cars are crazy and the hot bus gas and exhaust fumes will make you go crazy!

I want an orange one.


Radio City Music Reflection

Got this wonderful view while walking west on 51st Street toward 6th Ave. This is Radio's reflection in the window of a cafe located across the street!


59th Street

One of the most loveable streets in NY - I will always love 59th Street. It has everything you need - the Queensboro Bridge, Columbus Circle, the Apple Store, the Plaza Hotel and the beginning of Central Park.

I learned today that 59th Street is also called "Lighthouse Way." That's hot I guess.

Oh, and 59th Street has Bloomies as well!! (here: 59 & Lex)


The Waterfalls!

My favorite installation artist is Olafur Eliasson. I've posted some of his stuff before. Here are 2 of his waterfalls - one below the Brooklyn Bridge, and the other in a spot at the bottom of Manhattan.