It's not so far

This past weekend I left the concrete jungle for those things they call 'The Hamptons.'

There is a lot to be said and not to be said about The Hamptons. One thing is they were not what I expected or envisioned. The beaches are small, the back roads are scary and the shops and restaurants are no place for a poor 21-year-old from the cheap city of Manhattan (Manhattan is cheap compared to The Hamptons).

The sky is low and changes color every few minutes. The air is clean, the bushes are green and if you look closely, you'll see Sarah Jessica Parker shopping for sandals on Main Street.

Can you imagine living a life where you have a place in the city and a place in The Hamptons - two places so different but not so far apart?

My friend and her son in front of J. McLaughlin in Southhampton

Elephants in front of JLX cafe in Sag Harbor

The Eileen Fisher in Southhampton

View from Sunset Beach on Shelter Island

My friend and her son on Sunset Beach

Katie Killary


Coney Island: Leaving

After a long day at Coney Island - watching the parade, eating juicy hot dogs, riding scary rides, buying crap, bumping into cross dressers - it was almost time to leave.

From the first photo I took (the CONEY ISLAND sign below) to the last -

after the parade, everywhere seemed deserted...

everywhere except for Nathan's Hot Dogs!


Coney Island: Inappropriate

The Mermaid Parade is like Halloween in the summer, and an excuse for women to walk around nearly naked and for men to cross dress!

This woman was wearing nothing but a thong and paint


very inappropriate Superheroes

my favorite cross-dresser - he had the sexiest legs and gold strappy shoes I've ever seen!

staring at me and creeping me out

almost showing bare ass

grabbing mermaid ass, which is a little better


Coney Island: I really came for the hot dogs

My first glimpse of hot dog heaven while leaving the train station

View from the ferris wheel



Brooklyn's where it's at: Coney Island Mermaid Parade

It's been two years since I've been to Coney Island - man I feel old. And I remember seeing signs last summer for The Mermaid Parade that takes place every year in June, and I was too lazy and afraid to go—But this summer I decided to go no matter what, even if I had no one to go with. Who goes to Coney Island alone!? me.

I took a local N train there. Who cares if it takes a whole hour, it's so awesome to look out the window and see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and all of Lower Manhattan when you're above ground in a train.

I got there and my camera captured as much as it could.

Things are gonna get real colorful!

*Update on 6/22/09: I realize I do not have any pictures in this post of the actual parade. Fail.

That famous ride... what's it called??? Cyclone!

I bought a ticket for this ride then chickened out and never rode

The mega famous Ferris Wheel... what's it called?? The Wonder Wheel!!

Dantes Inferno


The very romantic Merry-Go-Round

The ride I almost died on, for $5.00


wire 1-6

So I've really run out of stuff to post! I haven't been busy or anything, I just don't have any new stuff. I have a TON of old pictures though. I guess I'll start posting those, I guess.

Not that I'm into wire, but here's some wire in the Upper West Side.


and then I went to Target

Some odd weekend I went out to Brooklyn again. That's 3 times people! I've been to Brooklyn 3 times now - ahh ooh! I felt it was my destiny to step inside a Target—a place I had to leave behind when I moved to the city. The Target in Daytona was like a second home to me so I figured if all I can get up north is a Brooklyn Target, I'll take it.

It took me over an hour to get there from The Upper East Side but I did it anyway.

First, though, I stopped by Brooklyn College. Lovely campus. Lots of trees and sky and water fountains. The only real eye-catching thing there was this statue - I bet you can't guess the accurate size of it...

*it's pretty much the size of your basic human! (so it's not as big as it looks - waw la!)

And then I went to Target... Put her here.



If only I were a kid so I could have run through this fountain off of the West End highway-whether fully clothed or in a polka-dotted bikini. But as an adult I could only walk around the edge and watch the sun set over New Jersey before going home to cook, clean and get a good night's sleep before work.


cat lovr :)

all it takes is a quick trip to 66th & Madison to see what I see.

Katie Killary


Look. At. The. Sky!

Columbus Circle angel.

Battery Park; view of New Jersey.

Ground Zero

Upper West Side - 72nd Street & Riverside Drive.