'OOF' by Edward Ruscha, 1962. Part of the MoMA's, 'Here Is Every' exhibit, 2008


MoMA Walls

Even the walls at the Museum of Modern Art are picture perfect!

From the 'Architecture and Design Drawings' on floor 3 of The MoMA


Created by John McCracken in 1967 this is The Absolutely Naked Fragrance, made of plywood covered with fiberglass and resin. It's Pink. It's at The MoMA in NYC and it looks like a big stick of gum! It is really a laquered monochrome "plank" made to look like a surfboard. McCracken was interested in the 1960's southern California culture and aesthetic.


Modern Art

Modern art is not for everyone, but I think that at The MoMA, there's a little bit of something for everyone!! By the way, this is the place Van Gogh's Starry Night calls home...


Inside The MoMA

Back in November I visited The MoMA with a friend who was visiting me, and I we got excited over the Joan MirĂ³ exhibit because we both love speaking spanish! But the Exhibit itself, titled, Anti-Painting, wasn't all that interesting. The entrance was though.


A Place I love to go

DUMBO stands for "Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass". It is a town on the edge of Brooklyn that is located under and between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge overpasses. You can take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (like they do in Sex & The City, ha!) and then take a shortcut to get to DUMBO, where are there are lots of unique local shops, restaurants, cafes, art studios, book stores and more. I personally love to visit powerHouse Books on Main Street, right by the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is a cool little theater called Galapagos and a sugary smelling cafe called The Almondine nearby. DUMBO is also the setting of some Gossip Girl scenes. They show a peek of it in 27 Dresses as well!