Radio NYC

One of my favorite places in NYC - Radio City Music Hall - though I have no desire to attend a show or concert here, heh.



Fall, if you were any prettier, I couldn't stand it!

Too bad this year's Fall got side swiped by an early Winter. Everything's dead and dry now... but for what felt like a couple of days back in October, everything was yellow and orange and lime green and perfect.


Louis, ya Gorgeous!

^Trying to talk like an old Upper East Side lady.

And Louis, You are Gorgeous. Just look at ya's!

The Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue around 58th Street. Their new display took my breath away. But... isn't the multi-colored thing a little old??


Well this is cool.

To be cliche (which I am not, ever, except when I have to be) words cannot describe how awesome and amazing the window displays are over the holidays. Bergdorfs, Bloomingdales, Macys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bendels... I just can't describe it!

The one below isn't exactly holiday related - I think I took it just before Bergdorfs put up the loverly snowwy bunny rabbit displays - but it stands out among the many.

Something about these beautiful, peaceful displays in the heart of Midtown Manhattan give us little people hope and something to dream about while shivering out on the cold sidewalks in our Payless boots and Century 21 scarves. I know not even hot cocoa can warm me like these windows do.



I was walking down 63rd Street towards the park (somewhere around there) when something turqoise caught my eye. You don't see a color like this in the city often. There is a beautiful small pool/water fountain within a building's courtyard that you can peek into through a fence somewhere around 63rd Street between Columbus and Central Park West.

Reminds me of some of those Dentyne Ice commercials...


The big yellow tree in Central Park!

Located near Central Park West and 63rd Street, this big yellow tree will remind you of what fall is all about!



I rarely take pictures of people (too shy) but everyone was playing and having fun in the park on the day of the New York City Marathon, so I joined in on the photo taking under a beautiful big tree full of yellow leaves that were falling to the ground. Oh, Fall :o)


New York City Marathon

Earlier this month, runners from all over the country came to New York to run through the five boroughs that make up New York City. For some it was a race (i.e. Paula Radcliffe, who won for the 3rd year in a row), while others ran to support a cause, whether for a sick friend or family member.

The news coverage on TV was amazing. What was even more amazing than watching it on the TV screen in my toasty Queens apartment was watching it live when I went out to Columbus Circle and Central Park to witness the event in person.

It was so inspiring to see so many people running, in the cold, up 59th Street. And in the midst of it all, it was really starting to look like Fall...

marathon route

Racers near Columbus Circle

Nearing the finish Line of the NYC Marathon

a photographer on 59th Street near Columbus Circle

A Man walking down Central Park West in the cold after finishing the race!



Oh, Radio

Radio City Music Hall is such a beauty! One of the most well-known landmarks in NYC, it's neon shade of blue cannot be matched. Throw in some magenta-pink and of course the classic yellow type and it makes for one of the most impressive sights on Avenue of The Americas (6th Avenue).

And you know the coolest thing? It appears to be a small venue. When I walked past it I was surprised to learn that it isn't a skyscraper, just a basic building (or I was delirious because it was election night 2008 when I took this picture and I'd been standing with the crowd in Times Square for four hours awaiting the election results and so maybe I was just seeing things!)


A little bit of Indoors!

Most of my New York City pictures are of outdoor scenes and events. I spend some time indoors as well. For example, a couple of weeks ago I set out to see the new Juicy Couture store on 5th Avenue. The outside displays are so innovative and eye-catching, and it was on a random Wednesday night while in a cab on 52nd Street that I passed by this new store for the first time. My jaw dropped and I knew I had to make it back sometime during the day to take pictures of the colorful ballerina mannequins in the windows and the cold and crystal decorations.

I recommend stopping by if you can. Not to buy the $300 sweaters, but to see the decor!

close-up of part of the chandelier in the stairway

the entrance, view from the 2nd floor


Where I ended my night

Election Night 2008 - Rockefeller Center was hosting NBC's live news coverage. I got there at about 10:50 pm. At 11:00 they announced Obama as our country's 44th President. I climbed a couple of fences and strattled a pole to get this shot of the ice rink. So did a bunch of other people with cameras and guts.

The crowds at Rockefeller Center


Where I began my night

A year and a half ago I moved from Florida to New York. Last week I voted via absentee ballott through Pinellas County, Florida. I'm glad I did because Florida was one of the "iffy" states. See how close it came!?

The screen below ABC Studios in Times Square, New York

Go NY!


Guggenheim is restored!

The Guggenheim museum's exterior has been restored, finally! I last went two years ago, hoping to get some great pictures of it but it was covered by scaffolding and nets. It was disappointing and it was like that for about 3 years.

July 2008 marked its restoration completion and on Thursday, October 30th, admission was free until 8 pm to celebrate.

Some displays featured were Catherine Opie - American Photographer; Robert Rauschenberg -a memorial, 'Theanyspacewhatever' exhibit and Jenny Holzer - For The Guggenheim.

more pics on the flickr -

The restored exterior! Took this one when it was still light out.

display by Jenny Holzer - For The Guggenheim


Are you in there, Boo?

Boo Radley's hang out spot in Astoria: (except... it's not hollow!)


The scariest bridge in the city

Here you see the Triborough Bridge, the scariest bridge in NYC - or atleast the only bridge I've ever driven a U-Haul truck across!


Astoria Sunday Sunset

Okay, I actually thought I took these pictures on a Sunday, but it was a Saturday haha.

Anyway, I live 10 blocks from the Astoria Park and always mean to go walking or jogging—but forget working out! How can you concentrate with this view!? I love the sunlight and dark and light colors that come from it. The sun is glowing!


Nano billboard

View from 59th Street and 2nd Avenue - where the cars are crazy and the hot bus gas and exhaust fumes will make you go crazy!

I want an orange one.


Radio City Music Reflection

Got this wonderful view while walking west on 51st Street toward 6th Ave. This is Radio's reflection in the window of a cafe located across the street!


59th Street

One of the most loveable streets in NY - I will always love 59th Street. It has everything you need - the Queensboro Bridge, Columbus Circle, the Apple Store, the Plaza Hotel and the beginning of Central Park.

I learned today that 59th Street is also called "Lighthouse Way." That's hot I guess.

Oh, and 59th Street has Bloomies as well!! (here: 59 & Lex)


The Waterfalls!

My favorite installation artist is Olafur Eliasson. I've posted some of his stuff before. Here are 2 of his waterfalls - one below the Brooklyn Bridge, and the other in a spot at the bottom of Manhattan.


Kids playing at The MoMA

On a hoppin Friday night I, of course, went to a museum, by myself, as usual. The Museum of Modern Art is free admission on Friday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 so it is always crowded. I've been on three different free Friday nights, and every time it's a zoo. This time, however, there was a line around the block. Normally I don't wait in that kind of stuff, but I wanted to go to see some of the new exhibits.

Underneath The Cellophane House


The unsung features of CP

I think that one of the most overlooked features of Central Park are the rock formations. Uhm, why doesn't anybody ever talk about them!? How come you never overhear conversations like: "How about those big rocks in the park?" "Yeah, you can climb them and get a great view of the city!" "Oh, I know! I like to sit on them sometimes."

Anyway, they are awesome and unsung, so I'm singing them now!

Can anyone tell me if these are real or man-made? Is Central Park man-made?


More CP

Two photos taken one year apart from my spot on 59th Street and across from The Plaza Hotel.




Could Central Park be any hotter?

And by 'hot' I don't mean temperature wise. Central Park is the greatest photo op. All of New York is a great photo op.