The view from Pier 1

I was out on the newly opened pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park last Thursday for the Movies With a View event. They were showing The Big Lebowski, which I'd never seen before even though it's only from 1998. Apparently it is one of those 90's cult movies. I guess for me that was the movie Clueless—I can recite all of the lines, I used to dress up as the characters, and can watch it over and over again, etc.

Anyway, from there you could see the Statue of Liberty, downtown Manhattan's skyline and the South Street Seaport.

Statue of Liberty

View from Pier 1

Is this considered 'dusk' or 'twilight'?

The crowd on the lawn, waiting for the movie to start around 8:30 pm.
Movies with a View at Pier 1


Tiny city

Staten Island isn't far, but it's far enough away to make the city look like it's far away and less intimidating than it actually is.

It's been about a year since I've been on the Staten Island ferry and gotten a front row view of downtown Manhattan's skyline, as well as the Jersey City skyline, Ellis Island, Liberty Island and The Statue of Liberty. I'm thinking of going again soon to check out the 9-11 Memorial and enjoy the views some more.

tiny city

tiny famous statue



While exploring Greenwich Village (an old hobby of mine from when I first lived in the city) over the weekend, I was inspired by Scouting NY's blog to take and post pictures of an old abandoned hotel by the West Side Highway.

Located at the corner of Barrow and West Streets in the West Village, I am not quite sure what the name of this 'Hotel' used to be, but it is in a great spot near a couple of piers and public parks.

It's fun to wonder about the history of this place and what it was like maybe 40 or 50 years ago...

The only sign this place has

The front, gated and locked up

The front door, without a doorknob or address

(but next door is the address 386 West Street)

I'm not sure what this means or even what it says
but it is small lettering on the corner of the building


Bryant Park

Bryant Park is the perfect place to go in the summertime. It is near plenty of subways, restaurants, cafes and even a library (The New York Public Library). There is a nice cool law, lots of chairs and sometimes entertainment. I was shopping nearby and needed a rest from the heat so I wandered over to the lawn where I noticed how amazing the surrounding buildings like the Grace Building, The Empire State Building and The Bryant Park Hotel looked against the blue, cloudy sky.

The W. R. Grace Building
The Bryant Park Hotel
The Bryant Park Hotel and The Empire State Building
Close-up of The Bryant Park Hotel


Manhattanhenge 2010

I'd been looking forward to Manhattanhenge for a year couple of months now—since last year's viewing out in Long Island City at Gantry Plaza State Park. A yellow post-it reading, "Manhattanhenge, July 11, 8:26 - 8:28 pm" had been hanging (and falling) from my work computer as an important reminder since I missed the May 31st one.

It was cloudy on Memorial Day anyway, but on Sunday, July 11th, the weather was perfect and Joseph from I Still Heart New York and I went out to the Tudor City Bridge above 42nd Street and 1st Avenue to catch this very special, very orangish/red event.

There were crowds already forming along this pedestrian bridge but we got a pretty good spot in the second row (behind all the tripods) and waited patiently for the few minutes worth of perfect sun alignment with Manhattan's East-West grid.

Here it comes!

Almost Manhattanhenge...

Almost centered.

He sees it too!

Perfectly centered with the Chrysler Building also in view

On its way out...

Painting the city orange and red


Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, Queens

At the time there was just one week left of the Play Me, I'm Yours piano installation throughout the city, so I went to Long Island City's Gantry State Park to listen to the music, observe the public and get a good view of the city from across the East River—all in one!

So while I was out there I spent a good couple of hours taking pictures and baking in the sun, enjoying the view of the blue-hued Manhattan skyline that stretched in front of me.

View of the Manhattan skyline with the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and United Nations.

The Pepsi Cola sign, which residents of Queen and Long Island City view as "aloC espeP" since it faces away from them and toward Manhattan.


Pianos throughout the 5 boroughs

I think most people have heard by now about the 60 pianos placed in pubic parks and spaces throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City as part of the Play Me, I'm Yours outdoor art installation. These are real pianos with real keys and peddles for anyone to sit down at and play their choice of music on.

I visited the musical spot of Lincoln Center where Julliard, Alice Tully Hall and the Metropolitan Opera attract music lovers of all kinds. There were two pianos located there, with the sounds of Beatles classics filling the crowded space. Impromptu performers here, like the one below, seemed to love all of the attention!

Next I ventured out to Long Island City in Queens to not only see the two pianos in action out there, but to get a good view of the City skyline from across the East River. It was a treat to also see the Pepsi Cola sign up close. It is located by the north end of the Gantry State Plaza Park, just off of 50th Avenue and 2nd Street and close to the Vernon Blvd/Jackson Ave. 7 subway stop.