Lincoln Center at night

I haven't been to a show at Lincoln Center since the summer of 2006. I went to see The San Francisco Ballet for just $15 thanks to my being a student—an out of state student as I was in the city for the summer doing an internship while in school in Florida.

Earlier this month I finally went back to see another Ballet, Sleeping Beauty, for just $20.

Lincoln Center, view from the steps

The lobby during intermission

View from the 4th floor/ring

The fountain in Lincoln Center's plaza


Another Chelsea Gallery Crawl

It's been forever since I've visited the galleries out in Chelsea. Now that I live close by, you'd think I'd plan to go at least every other weekend, but I only just made it back out there during a gallery crawl with some of my photo friends last week. We started at the Gladstone Gallery on 24th & 11th and wandered underneath the High Line elevated Park up to the Aperture Gallery on 27th Street, then back down to 21st for one last stop before walking home on a cold February night.

Exhibit in Aperture - No Singing Allowed: Flamenco and Photography

Exhibit sign in Aperture

At Fredericks & Frasier, "Chimera" by Nicholas Di Genova

Interesting building across from our last gallery stop on 21st


Hotel Chelsea

3.5 years ago I read a book by Chuck Klosterman and in it he talks about staying at the Hotel Chelsea. He described the deaths that had occurred there (his book, Killing Yourself To Live, was like a road trip all about death and studying famous deaths—while literally on a road trip) and now that I've moved to the Chelsea area, I see the hotel pretty often and think of him and his book whenever I do.

It is pretty cool to walk past this historical piece of property located on West 23rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. I happened to be doing some grocery shopping right up the street...


My 200th post!

For my 200th post I've decided to show some recent random snapshots from throughout the city. It's been too cold to take many pictures—as many pictures as usual—but every now and then throughout the past week the gloves came off and my fingers braved the cold for a few attempts at getting a unique and/or special NYC photograph : )

Mustard yellow and burnt umber brownstones in Gramercy

The gold top of New York Life Building on Madison Avenue

"Become your dream" - written on a thrown away shelf on
East 72nd Street by local artist De La Vega

Gotham Comedy Club on West 23rd Street


Random Views

I had the opportunity during work to view and take part in a video shoot of one of my company's residential apartments in the Flat Iron District. While there to assist and take note, I also took some pictures of the amazing views towards Gramercy and Union Square to share with clients on our social media pages.

I should go on these trips more often—they are great NYC photo opps!

The view towards Gramercy and Murray Hill

The view towards Union Square

A lone cone on a rooftop

A pink square on a water tower