Coney Island's Mermaid Parade

Since most of my photos from the Mermaid Parade are of topless people (yeah, it was frightful and yeah, there were lots of kids there), I'm going to share some photos of Coney Island and the area/aura of the famous parade.

This parade has been going on for years—since 1983—and happens every year towards the end of June, rain or shine. This year, there was rain. And it was cold. And windy. Whereas last year it was beautiful and warm and bright and sunny. I went with some friends and a fellow photo-taker and ran into some of our other photo friends while there. This is a great event for photography lovers, not because it is a parade—it is not just any parade—it is an outrageous spectacle, an excuse to dress even crazier than you would on Halloween, and a gaurantee that there will be jaw-dropping sights.

Again, most of my photos of the participants contain nudity (they are mermaids, after all), so here are some other pics from the outing!

A rainy view of Coney out of the Q train window

the crowds by the subway station

Lots of guys show up for this event...

Ha! It says, "Free Willie Nelson"

More from last year: here


Poster sighting in the West Village

Spotted on Avenue of the Americas just above West 4th Street in the Village, this framed poster was sitting out on it's own (as in, not as part of a vendor's collection to be sold). I have this poster already hanging up in my room, otherwise I would have taken it home with me! Well... no, I wouldn't have, but still, what a cool sighting!


Top of the Empire State Building

Back in February I went to the top of the Empire State Building for the painstaikingly third time in my life. The first trip up was when I was in 8th grade, during a school field trip to Washington D.C. and NYC. The second time was with a group from my dorm at Marymount Manhattan college (where I stayed during a summer internship back in '06), and most recently on Valentine's Day with my boyfriend who was in town visiting me from Florida.

He got all of the good pictures because he has one of those professional cameras, whereas mine is pink and little and only 7.2 megapixels.

View towards 14th Street Union Square

So close and yet so far: the buildings vs. the fence along the viewing deck


Governors Island ferry

On Saturday I unexpectedly took a trip out to Governors Island. I figured, it's cold-ish and cloudy, so at least I won't get sweaty while trying to figure out how the heck to get there!

To get to Governors Island, you take the subway (or cab, if you're rich, ha ha) to Whitehall Street in downtown Manhattan. The Staten Island Ferry station is a gigantic building you can't miss, and next door to it is the Governors Island ferry station. It's a beautiful army green station, and the ferry is free!

It is a small ferry, and the ride is only a few minutes—Governors Island is so close to Manhattan you could swim to it. I didn't even know it existed until this day. And when I got there, I had no clue what it was. Apparently it is a preserved Island that is only open on weekends throughout the summer season. No one actually lives there, but there are houses, forts, park/field areas, a church and a castle - all of which host family friendly festivities and art events.

Here are some pictures from my ferry ride out to the island!

View out of the ferry window: The Statue of Liberty

another ferry!


Museum Mile Festival, 2009 - activities along the way!

One of the activities going on along Museum Mile (5th Avenue from 82nd to 105th Street), was chalk drawing. Yes, it was mostly children participating with their parents looking on, but I wanted to join in too! See below:

For fun I said a little hello from my NYCphotos twitter account, and wrote one of John Lennon's quotes on 5th Ave & 88th Street:

Someone wrote messages and made little drawings all along the way. Here are some...


See more here!


Museum Mile Festival 2009

The annual Museum Mile Festival took place on June 9th with the blocks along 5th Avenue that count as "Museum Mile" (82nd-105th) blocked off to cars so that people can walk the mile and participate in activities along the way. The museums were all free admission and two in particular had lines around the block. They were The Guggenheim, where there is a special Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit, and The Neue Galerie, where there is an enticing (ha ha) German Expressionist exhibit including works by one of my favorite painters: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.

You only had 3 short hours to visit these famous museums, including the Met, Cooper Hewitt and the Museum of the City of New York. I was so exhausted afterwards. Why am I such a museum lover??? I love it so much!

the crowds in front of The Guggenheim


Sightings in Alphabet City

On Sunday June 7th I had a birthday brunch to get to at The Sunburnt Cow in Alphabet City. The Sunburnt Cow is a popular brunch spot because of the endless drink special ($10 all you can drink "Moo-mosas", "Moo-Marys", and so on). I can't really take advantage since I can only handle about 1 drink at a time, but my friends all love to go and the food is actually really good!

Located all the way over on Avenue C between 8th & 9th Streets, the restaurant is a far walk from the 8th Street subway stops over in Astor Place (3rd Avenue-ish), and once you reach the neighborhood of Alphabet City, you wish it wasn't so far because there are so many cool spots and unique stores and restaurants that you'll want to visit over and over again. One place called "Life Cafe" caught my attenion with the saying, "Enjoy Life Every Day" on it's awning. Here's a pic.

I would love to bring an out-of-towner here sometime!

Inside La Plaza Cultural (a junky park) on Avenue C bet. 8th & 9th Streets

Mural on 10th Street near the corner of Avenue C

Outside The Sunburnt Cow


The new Mural and a bit more of Dumbo

I think you've all been hearing about this new mural in the riverside town of Dumbo, Brooklyn. Apparently it was started and completed over Memorial Day weekend and the artist has some significant meaning behind the subject matter. Read about it here via dumbonyc.com.

I passed by it on my way to the Water Street Restaurant for one of those digital dumbo events. It was rainy and wet outside, but I had taken the long way to my destination because I was hoping to come across this new mural on Water Street. Because there are no numbered streets in this quiet neighborhood, I always get lost... no matter what!

I was hoping to spot this neat little arty treat and I did! Here it is... as well as some other photos of the area:

The beautiful blue Manhattan bridge

Building on Front Street


Manhattanhenge 2009!

Manhattanhenge 2009 occurred over the weekend. They call it "Manhattanhenge" because the sun becomes centered on New York City's grid at this time. The City is about 30ยบ out of line with the sun's setting and so the dates of "Manhattanhenge" do not fall on the dates of the spring and autumn equinoxes.

On Saturday, May 30, you could see half of the sun on Manhattan's grid (by looking down a city street towards the West), and on Sunday May 31st, specifically at 8:17 pm, you could see the sun in full.

I originally planned to view the sun setting by looking down 57th Street from the east side of town, but I ended up over in Queens on a dock in Long Island City (off of Gantry Park on 50th Ave & 2nd Street). Besides the view of the sun being centered between the buildings on 33rd Street (below), there were also great views of the East River, Queensborough Bridge and the famous Pepsi Cola sign.

More info here on NewYorkology.com via the Hayden Planetarium of The Museum of Natural History.