Kids playing at The MoMA

On a hoppin Friday night I, of course, went to a museum, by myself, as usual. The Museum of Modern Art is free admission on Friday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 so it is always crowded. I've been on three different free Friday nights, and every time it's a zoo. This time, however, there was a line around the block. Normally I don't wait in that kind of stuff, but I wanted to go to see some of the new exhibits.

Underneath The Cellophane House


The unsung features of CP

I think that one of the most overlooked features of Central Park are the rock formations. Uhm, why doesn't anybody ever talk about them!? How come you never overhear conversations like: "How about those big rocks in the park?" "Yeah, you can climb them and get a great view of the city!" "Oh, I know! I like to sit on them sometimes."

Anyway, they are awesome and unsung, so I'm singing them now!

Can anyone tell me if these are real or man-made? Is Central Park man-made?


More CP

Two photos taken one year apart from my spot on 59th Street and across from The Plaza Hotel.




Could Central Park be any hotter?

And by 'hot' I don't mean temperature wise. Central Park is the greatest photo op. All of New York is a great photo op.


September 11th, 2008 - Light Tribute

It finally appeared! I have seen some great views from people on flickr who were located in Brooklyn. Go look for them, they are great! : )


September 11th, 2008

Waiting on the steps of the Brooks Brothers store as the sun set, for the annual light tribute to appear in the sky...


September 11th, 2008

I remember last year the thing that stood out to me most was the placement of flowers in the fence that peeks into the site of Ground Zero.


September 11th, 2008

For September 11th, 2008, there was a beam signing down on Battery Park Place between Greenwich and Washington Streets. This wonderful flag set up was there as well and it was nice to view and participate in the beam signing first hand.

You could also fill out a Note of Hope for the Memorial Museum


Last day of Astroland - Sept. 7

Heck no I was not going to miss out on this photo opp!

My view from the beach where I got a tan


Bridge and cookie(s)

I had a dream - to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge while eating a cookie. But I got lost trying to find the Mrs. Fields in Financial District, so I had to travel to the one in West Village, and that took up a lot of time and just made me hungrier, so by the time I got back to FiDi and to the "by foot" entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge, I had already eaten the cookie. Two cookies, that is.

Anyway it was a lovely, crowded, hot, sweaty walk across the bridge and back.

my default shot of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Statue of Liberty. Amazing everytime I see it :o)

Me - see ya!


2 Gold

Rooftop view from 2 Gold in the Financial District. Brooklyn is such an amazing sight.


Along the water

Yeah, I can't believe I hung out in Coney Island all summer. What a summer.



When I was a kid visiting my Grandma in Upstate NY (Watertown), I would walk around her block and collect Helicopter leaf things on the sidewalk. They spin when they fall off the trees and have little seeds and butterfly like petals.

Fall is coming and these things are already falling in Astoria.

So cool.