Andy Warhol films at the MoMA

I hadn't been to the MoMA in such a long time and I was starting to feel guilty! Then it happened that one of my friends had 2 tickets to the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures preview for this past Tuesday night. The exhibit opens to the public on December 19th, and consists of 16mm black and white silent films of his subjects looking into the camera, not moving or speaking; in screen tests.

So we went to one of the member preview nights, where, after an hour and a half of sipping wine spritzers and snacking on parmesan crackers in the lobby, we ventured up the museum's 6th floor to take a look at some of the videos on display as part of this special exhibit. 

Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures

Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick

Screen Test: Gino Piserchio

And a pic of the crowds there taken with my camera phone:


At the Bronx Zoo

Before it got too cold, I visited the Bronx Zoo for the first time since I have lived in the City. This large scale park is located within the Bronx Park and is actually the largest metropolitan zoo in the U.S.

The Bronx Zoo is home to the Wildlife Conservation Society and while it is a place to view the various indoor, outdoor, underwater and jungle dwelling species, it is also a place to gain inspiration and insight into the future of the wildlife on view. The Conservation Society's aim is to encourage visitors to learn more about these animals not only here, but at the New York Aquarium, Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens Zoos as well.

While there I viewed the Himalayan Highlands, Tiger Mountain, Jungleworld, the African Plains, the Aquatic Bird House, Congo Gorilla Forest and more. And every corner I turned and every path I walked down seemed to have a peacock or two running wild. They were all over the place! (I later learned that they are there to scare away snakes...) This made for a fun time and a great first visit to the Bronx Zoo. See below for some sights and scenes from this visit!

Bronx Zoo

A peacock spotted along Bronx Park South

Peacock running free by the Dancing Crane Cafe

A little girl chasing one of the peacocks by the Dancing Crane Cafe

Camels spotted by the Asia Plaza

A Malayan Tapir in the indoor Jungleworld exhibit

Underwater scene from inside the Jungleworld exhibit

Penguin feeding time at the Sea Bird Aviary

Goldfish inside the Butterfly Garden

A Monarch resting on a display plate inside the Butterfly Garden

Flamingos outside the Dancing Crane Cafe

Giraffes outside the Carter Giraffe Building

One of the Tiger brothers on Tiger Mountain

sources: Wikipedia and the map I got when I visited.


Literary Walk in The Mall

Literary Walk in Central Park is considered the park's main thoroughfare or gateway. It is one section of "The Mall", which is comprised of the Bethesda Fountain, Terrace Bridge, the Naumberg Bandshell, The Lake and the the Olmstead Flower Bed. There is always a mix of tourists and locals here, enjoying the views, entertainment and scenery.

Literary Walk is most recognized for its pathway of American elm trees that form a canopy overhead. This is the type of area that's so unique and scenic all throughout the year—whether it's sunny and leafy or coated in snow.

Additionally, there are statues of prominent literary figures along the walkway, including everyone's favorite, William Shakespeare!

Literary Walk in the Fall
Literary Walk 1

To the right of Literary Walk, a little more green
(picture taken same day as the above)

Literary Walk 2

The Shakespeare Statue in Central Park's Literary Walk

The Olmstead Flower Bed, named after Frederick Law Olmstead, one of the creators of the park,
 located at the south end of The Mall


5th Avenue gold

On Thanksgiving night, after a day of rest from all of the early morning parade activity, I went out to dinner in the Theater District then walked up and down 5th Avenue admiring the holiday lights and window displays. The golden lights reflecting off the storefronts caught my eye the most throughout the night, as well as the gold shades and glowing hues in signs, flags, statues and so on.

Looking north on 5th Avenue from 49th Street
5th Avenue

Rockefeller Center's ice skating rink (just off 5th Avenue & 49th Street)
The Rock Center Cafe and the Prometheus statue

Rock Center cafe

30 Rock and the flags around the perimeter of the ice skating rink
Rockefeller Center

Bergdorf Goodman

The golden seal outside of Cartier


Looking south on 5th Avenue toward 49th Street
5th Avenue