Times Square in the rain

It was a rainy day in New York so I went to join the tourists taking pictures in Times Square. It was sometime in the end of February when I went. It wasn't very cold but the more it rained, the more everyone cleared out. It was down to just a few of us with umbrellas and digital cameras. And then I was on my way too.

Tourists posing with umbrellas

Steam and cabs
Cabs, rain

Olive Garden, cabs and Wicked billboard
Cabs, wicked

Trying not to slip on the slippery steps!
TKTS Steps

A man walking down the TKTS steps
TKTS steps, man


Galleries in SoHo and the Lower East Side

On St. Patrick's Day I dressed in green but didn't get to pursue any green beer or the usual St. Patrick's Day shenanigans. Instead I went on a gallery crawl starting in SoHo and ending in the Lower East Side. But I left early... to go visit an Irish Pub!

Some galleries visited include: Gallery Nine 5, Jen Bekman, Dodge Gallery and Charles Bank Gallery.


The Armory arts show, 2011

The Armory Show—my photo friends and I go every year!

3 years ago on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 my friend Edward, who runs Wired New York, organized a meet-up for local photographers at the Armory Show out on Pier 94 by 12th Avenue and the Hudson River—and we've gone to the show every year since!

I have some past blog posts showing the contemporary art that I've admired at the show over the years, and here's another one:

Neon green

"New York is a lot of work" - $1,000 worth of dollar bills foil stamped by Reed Seifer
New York is a lot of work

From the 'Untitled' Gallery in New York - $576.60 worth of pennies
laid out on the floor by Los Angeles artist Ry Rocklen

From oliva arauna galeria - 'Three Women', consisting of one photograph,
six light projectors and six tripods.
Lights, action

The Armory Fence - site-specific neon installation by Ivan Navarro, 
Displayed by Paul Kasmin Gallery
Fence man

Neon mirrors

'I Love U' 2009 piece by Kira Kim, made of LED bulbs and mixed media pieces.
Shown by Kukje Gallery in Seoul, Korea and the Tina Kim Gallery in New York.
'I Love U'

My friend and I taking pictures of a cool piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto
set up by the Giorgio Persano gallery
Mirror, us 2


New York City Panorama at Queens Museum

The Queens Museum of Art in Flushing Meadows Corona Park is the setting for the New York City Panorama which was first displayed during the 1964/65 World's Fair. I've seen pictures of it on flickr and always meant to visit and see it for myself.

On President's Day the museum stayed open so during my visit to the park to see the snow, I stopped in to take some pictures of this special exhibit.

View of Manhattan on the Panorama
Panoramic view

View of Central Park and the Upper East and Upper West side neighborhoods
Central Park in the Panorama

View toward the Upper East Side and Queens

View of Midtown East and the Queensborough Bridge
Midtown East and the Queensborough Bridge

JFK airport in Queens
JFK airport!

Coney Island on the southern edge of Brooklyn
Brooklyn's Coney Island

Close-up of Coney Island!
Coney Island!


Flushing Meadows Corona Park—covered in snow

Over the 3-day Presidents Day Weekend, I was hoping to go somewhere new or different since I had the extra time off work. When I woke up that Monday morning and looked out my window to see a fresh layer of snow on the ground, I decided that after completing some chores, like doing laundry and getting lunch, I'd venture out to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Flushing, Queens, to see the Unisphere and its surrounding 'meadows' blanketed in a light sheet of snow. I'd seen this place before, but I knew I wanted to see it again in the snow. It was either that or Coney Island, and I didn't really feel like going to the beach...

While there, I planned to visit the Queens Museum of Art for the first time to finally see the New York City Panorama—and I did! See next post for pictures...

Unisphere and blue sky

Unisphere and La Guardia-bound plane

Snowy walkway