Judith Leiber

Good old Judith Leiber's—quite possibly my favorite store in New York to not shop at. Someday though, someday when I'm one of those millionaire people who shop at the shops on Madison Avenue....


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iTunes can tell you how many times you've listened to a song with the "Top 25 Most Played List." My top played song is "Apologize" by OneRepublic featuring Timberland. While that scares me, I wish my Mac measured how many times I've viewed a photo! The one below might get the most counts. And what's weird is, I don't even really like this photo, I just always look at it :o)

Katie Killary



When you look at this picture you may see trees, a man, water, grass and/or darkness. When I look at this picture I see magic.

The Sex & The City movie says that women move to New York for the two L's: Labels & Love. That's not what I moved here for at all. I moved here because as a child I dreamed of seeing magic. To me the most magical thing in the world is to witness the way light lands on the leaf of a tree or along the surface of the water, allowing itself to be seen by almost anyone, even though it's not even supposed to exist.

"As a child I dreamed of posessing magical powers. I finally did so by becoming an artist." - Leonora Carrington



...has good days and bad days.

happy days and sad days.

grey days and blue days... oh wait, those aren't opposites.

The angel at Columbus Circle


You can't paint this kind of stuff

I'm always blown away by what I see when I look out at New Jersey—and it's not New Jersey itself, but the way the sun sets over the Hudson River and causes the sky to look like something not even Van Gogh or Gericault could pull off!


Older New York City photos

Hey Readers, all 10 or so of you (hehe/boo-hoo), I've been writing a lot more the other blog and I've been updating my portfolio website from college with some new [wannabe] fancy stuff.

Until my next 'Strawberry Fields' post, I can invite you to view some old New York City photos of mine. These are from a very long time ago...back when I was still a teenager ;-)

Old Photos - click here


Shelter Island

Another picture from my trip to The Hamptons - this was taken on Shelter Island, near Sunset Beach. Click to view larger.


Long Beach - It's a beach in Long Island

I loved riding on the LIRR for one hour out to Long Beach. It was my first time being on the LIRR and also my first time going to a beach in New York. I didn't expect it to be anything new or shocking since I grew up on Daytona Beach and went to school near St. Pete Beach, but it was interesting I guess. I'm so conflicted over my feelings for Long Island—I don't even know why I have feelings for Long Island. Maybe I'm destined to do that cliche thing where you leave the city and move out to one of the suburbs. I guess I would go with Long Island.

Long Beach was a totally different beach going experince. You have to pay $10 to go on it, it's extremely crowded, and the strip of condos along the boardwalk were all crummy.

You New Yorkers need to get down to the Florida beaches. You'll never look back!

notice how "Beach" is spelled!

"Wish you were beautiful. The weather is here."

I love taking pictures of water!

Do the Rockaway! (train stop)


4th of July - Fireworks and no fireworks

I watched fireworks from South Street Seaport and my plan was to not take any photographs of the display—to actually enjoy something for once and not lose the moment by moment experience by trying to capture and save it as a 72 dpi photograph in a random folder on my desktop.

—Actually, okay, my original plan was to not see fireworks on the 4th of July in Manhattan. I've seen them from the FDR before, why not try something new? Well it was cloudy and rainy all day in NYC and there were no bar-b-q's for me to mooch cheeseburgers off of so I resorted to a display of round sparkly lights in the sky that only crackle and fade, unlike memories.

cops everywhere telling us where on the FDR we can't go - but we go anyway.

My first time seeing the Brooklyn Bridge. woooow.


4th of July

Central Park was deserted (cloudy weather, everyone was in The Hamptons or at the Jersey Shore). But I went anyway - well, I didn't know it was going to be so empty. I was hoping to mooch off of someone's bar-b-q but there weren't any.

While there I went to my favorite spot - The Pond above 59th & 5th Avenue - always lovely with all of the animals and weirdos on benches (no weirdos will be pictured).


More room & more Time

From Olafur Eliasson's Take Your Time at the MoMa
Room for all colors


A room full of color

From Olafur Eliasson's Take Your Time at the MoMa

I only see things when they move

My bluebird earrings!

and this is where it all comes from!


Take more time

From Olafur Eliasson's Take Your Time at the MoMa


Square Light

Wall Eclipse


Take Your Time

But... in New York, can you really?

On Friday June 27th I went to The Museum of Modern Art to see an exhibit by my favorite contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson. He is my absolute favorite I tell you. He does indoor installations that mimick the great outdoors - rain, rainbows, the sun, light, reflections.

He also has on display the waterfalls in Manhattan near several of the bridges. He is just an amazing guy who wants his audience to interact in new and innovative ways with what they are looking at. You don't just look at his stuff. You can stand inside of it and be a major part of it. Without you, it may as well not be there.

So here are some images from his exhibit at the MoMa through June 30th titled, Take Your Time.

Room For One Color: The entire 3rd floor lobby was lit up with flourescent yellow light