This pool is up the street from my apartment in Astoria. I think I can resist, seeing as it's a public pool, meaning lots of little kids go in it.



My favorite part of the park: The Pond

I am going to love this part of the park for a long time. I took a friend who was in town visiting from Florida to the most famous park in the world - Central Park. I feel like the bottom of the park, by the Plaza Hotel, 59th Street and The Pond - is the most romantic and celebrated area. That, and it's the easiest part to get to from the subway... ha.


The Wollman Rink

The Wollman Rink of Victoria Gardens in Central Park! Near the bottom of Central Park/ The Pond/ 59th Street. I once danced around the fairgrounds of this place like a maniac.




On 8-8-08, I was on a quest to take the greatest picture EVER. But it did not happen. Absolutely nothing caught my eye, only the blinding sun, which was painful actually.

I wanted to have something amazing to submit to flickr's 888 Group Pool, which is now at 5,840 uploaded photos taken only on August 8, 2008.

That was a huge night - The Olympics were on (the opening ceremony blew me away. literally, I got blown up the street to Crumbs Bakeshop!), it was Friday so Happy Hour was taking place, big time, and it I just love it when it's a cool date. Next year, on 9-9-09, it will be my 23rd birthday! :o)

So nothing inspired me. Though I was walking down 80th Street and I came across this corner with the address to "80 Riverside Drive." I guess that's cool.

beautiful windows!

another "lean with me now" tree!


So close

It isn't midnight, but it's the Apple Store (people love to go at midnight). So close, and yet so far away from where I stand at the balcony on the 34th floor of 745 Fifth Avenue, right above Bergdorff Men's at a NonSociety party.

I love living in The Big Apple.


There's more, and it meets the eye

Coney Island is more than just a place for rickety (if not dangerous) roller coasters and rides, fried oreos, people with no teeth, the Original Nathan's hot dogs and a scenic beach—it also serves as a storage facility for school buses!