Museum of Modern Art - it's been a while

It's been a while since I've visited the Museum of Modern Art.

I went back in January in an attempt to view the Tim Burton exhibit (up through April), but didn't get there in time for one of the limited-available tickets.

While there I enjoyed viewing works by Gabriel Orozco, the Bauhaus artists and of course, Monet.

Gabriel Orozco's Samurai Tree Invariants (ended Mar. 1)

The entrance to the Bauhaus 1919-33: Workshops for Modernity exhibit
(ended Jan. 25)

Monet's Waterlillies


Out on Pier 66

You wouldn't expect to find yourself on a ship on any regular night while attending a weekend art fair. You wouldn't expect to climb that ship in a tights and a dress, and explore the bowls in the freezing cold weather out on Pier 66 off of 12th Avenue and 26th Street.

But hey, it can happen!

The Fountain Art Fair took place a couple weeks ago on Pier 66 Maritime. It included 20 exhibitors and independent projects all under one roof—or tent I should say. There were installations, paintings and mixed media pieces throughout the tent and the neighboring ship called "The Frying Pan."

I stayed on the ship as long as I could before I was close to freezing then headed back into Midtown and towards home!

View of Chelsea Piers from Pier 66

Inside The Frying Pan ship, which dates back to the 60's

View of the mast and the lights of Jersey City!


At the Armory arts Show

The Armory Show, which was first put on in 1913 as the "International Exhibition of Modern Art", now occurs every year in March. It is the place to see contemporary art from artists, galleries and collectors from all over the world all in one spot—two big spots that is, being Piers 92 and 94 out on the Hudson.

I went last year and was so pleasantly surprised and so exhausted after walking among miles and miles of gallery art that I couldn't wait to return this year and fill my camera card to the max with more color, people, shapes and outrageous things again.

These are a few of my favorite things...


Snow Away!

I think that the snow and slush and blizzard-like conditions that near blow you up the street have gone away! It was very warm and sunny in NYC today (Sunday, March 7th)—so sunny in fact that I couldn't get out my camera to take pictures because I was too busy shielding my eyes!

Until next year, winter snow!

The fire escape outside my bedroom window

Stairways outside my office window

Stairways across the street

Snowy cab and street outside my office