Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue

Louis Vuitton stores and window displays always impress. The mulit-colored thing was in season last November when I was touring NYC with a friend, and now they've gone back to the darker, more serious look (below) in which the brown purse moves from one window display to another. Sort of like at airport security (?)

What I like about this Louis Vuitton display is that it's all about motion and activity. The viewer can stop and watch the purse as it glides through the various windows on a conveyor belt and turns the corner along with the building's exterior (not pictured). You can follow it along its way and then continue making your way back down 5th Avenue towards maybe Saks or St. Patrick's Cathedral.

There is a also a very active display a few blocks away on Lexington and 59th Street where Bloomingdales is located.


The Brooklyn Diner

Located on West 57th Street, the Brooklyn Diner has had great reviews and is heard of by all (sort of like Katz Delicatessen down on Houston Street).

Once when I had a friend in town visiting they asked if we could have lunch at "some famous diner by Carnegie Hall" that their friend told them about. I knew exactly what place they were talking about, so we made our way to 57th and 7th to eat at the The Brooklyn Diner but didn't end up staying because for just a hot dog it was something ridiculous like $18.

This famous place is great for a free picture though!


Boating in Central Park

On one of the last warm fall days of the year I made an attempt to go boating on The Lake in Central Park. For just $12 plus a $20 deposit that you get back, you can spend 1 hour out in the water with up to 4 people in your canoe.

Canoes are rented beside the Central Park Boathouse where movies like 'When Harry Met Sally' and more recently '27 Dresses' were filmed, and where shows like 'Sex and the City' taped a while back (think of Carrie and Big when they fell in the water)!

Despite there being several dozen other canoes paddling nearby, there was still plenty of space in The Lake to row through—though there were a few times when we bumped boats with 'canoe-ddling' couples who weren't paying attention or when we 'beached' ourselves along the rocks!

Here are some pictures I managed to capture and not lose by almost dropping my camera in the water...

The Gondola guy in front of the Boathouse

People on the bridge who waved hello!

Under Bow Bridge


Inside the New York Aquarium

In the two and a half years that I've lived in New York, I hadn't yet made it out to see the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn. Luckily I made it out there this past weekend and enjoyed free admission as a Bank of America customer (only during the first weekend of every month).

Anyway, though it was a rainy day and every exhibit was crowded with jumpy, screaming kids, it was amazing to see all of the aquatic creatures like, starfish, jellyfish, sea horses, seals, walruses, eels and even frogs!

I think my favorite exhibit was the 'Alien Stingers' where all of the jellyfish were. The orange medusa looked beautiful behind the glass and swimming in the dark blue water. They were irresistible!

Torpedo Penguin!

Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo!

The anenomes! Apparently they fight