I used to hang out in Strawberry Fields a lot

- and this page looks like Christmas, but oh well.

So I'll start with the place my blog is named after: Strawberry Fields - where I spent most of my spare time last summer - with the sketchy stalker-types and little children running around. Kids will be pictured, stalkers will not. I still shake when I think about this place, and I never visit anymore. Maybe the only reason I used to spend so much time there is because I lived two blocks away. Now I live an uncountable number of blocks away and who knows if I'll ever go back to this dangerous, adorable, historical summertime wonderland.

With today being the first real day of Spring in New York City (as opposed to the real first day of Spring - March 21st), I feel like I'm just getting to know the city all over again and places I used to frequent have lost their magic and mystery and so I'm ready to try some new places for Spring and Summer '08.

*to you acute / sharp / whatever readers who spot this line, check back for more of my new york city photos. I have enough to last us all a lifetime—and they won't all be of Strawberry Fields, I promise! I couldn't possibly shake that much more...

-Katie Killary


  1. Nice photos! Thanks for visiting my blog & for the cat compliment! Though he's not my cat :)

  2. the little girls are so cute!


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