You can get lost

...in all of the shrubbery in New York City.

An area that never makes me feel jaded or too used to this place is the bottom of Central Park at 59th Street. Sometimes, back when I lived on the West side, I'd walk home from work along 59th Street and the walk would always take me hours because I'd get lost in all of the trees and horse-drawn carraiges and stone walls overlooking The Pond. I could never just pass through this area, I had to stop and take pictures of things I couldn't believe I was seeing... and looking back I still can't believe it! Sometimes I feel like I'm looking at a painting by that Ross guy... or maybe one by Edouard Manet, like Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe.

I get a treat once I reach the end of the park and walk into Columbus Circle. My favorite Jamba Juice is located just below the Time Warner Buildings :o)

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