and then I went to Target

Some odd weekend I went out to Brooklyn again. That's 3 times people! I've been to Brooklyn 3 times now - ahh ooh! I felt it was my destiny to step inside a Target—a place I had to leave behind when I moved to the city. The Target in Daytona was like a second home to me so I figured if all I can get up north is a Brooklyn Target, I'll take it.

It took me over an hour to get there from The Upper East Side but I did it anyway.

First, though, I stopped by Brooklyn College. Lovely campus. Lots of trees and sky and water fountains. The only real eye-catching thing there was this statue - I bet you can't guess the accurate size of it...

*it's pretty much the size of your basic human! (so it's not as big as it looks - waw la!)

And then I went to Target... Put her here.

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  1. Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...!?...passavo per un saluto!


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