On 8-8-08, I was on a quest to take the greatest picture EVER. But it did not happen. Absolutely nothing caught my eye, only the blinding sun, which was painful actually.

I wanted to have something amazing to submit to flickr's 888 Group Pool, which is now at 5,840 uploaded photos taken only on August 8, 2008.

That was a huge night - The Olympics were on (the opening ceremony blew me away. literally, I got blown up the street to Crumbs Bakeshop!), it was Friday so Happy Hour was taking place, big time, and it I just love it when it's a cool date. Next year, on 9-9-09, it will be my 23rd birthday! :o)

So nothing inspired me. Though I was walking down 80th Street and I came across this corner with the address to "80 Riverside Drive." I guess that's cool.

beautiful windows!

another "lean with me now" tree!

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  1. I have this obsession with the number 222. I see it everywhere I go and have started taking photos whenever I see it.

    Crumbs is great. Though I've never had one of their huge cupcakes. Last I went in there I got the Raspberry swirl cookies. Very delicious.

    oh, in case you're wondering, I stumbled upon here from flickr. It's nice to read about the experiences of others in New York. It seems huge at first. But after awhile you realize just how small it is and how everyone has been to the same places and everything becomes familiar. And it feels more like some small town than the biggest city in the world.

    Ken Maldonado
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