Bridge and cookie(s)

I had a dream - to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge while eating a cookie. But I got lost trying to find the Mrs. Fields in Financial District, so I had to travel to the one in West Village, and that took up a lot of time and just made me hungrier, so by the time I got back to FiDi and to the "by foot" entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge, I had already eaten the cookie. Two cookies, that is.

Anyway it was a lovely, crowded, hot, sweaty walk across the bridge and back.

my default shot of the Brooklyn Bridge

The Statue of Liberty. Amazing everytime I see it :o)

Me - see ya!

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  1. The last time I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge was earlier this summer and I got got in a hailstorm and ended up sopping wet by the time I got to the other side. it was awful. I was shivering on the train home.

    If you love cookies, and who doesn't. There's a antastic place on 8th street just off 6th avenue called Insomnia Cookies. And they're open until 3AM. It's an easy walk from the West 4 station. Whenever I can't sleep Ill grab the E or the F from my local stop straight there. grab myself a cookie, have a little walk, and then go back home.


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