Last day of Astroland - it was crowded!

Go figure!

Can you believe it closed?

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  1. I can't believe I missed that. I ended up there earlier this summer when a friend from out of town came to visit and wanted to see Coney Island. So I went. Sadly I didn't get to ride the rides one last time. One of my best childhood memories is from wandering about Dante's Inferno, the horror house as a kid and making friend with the rest of the lot that made the mistake of wanting to go in there. At 7, it was kind of frightening. I suppose kids today have a bit more tolerance to being scared with all the horror movies, and even the evening news telling them there's always someone out to get them.

    One of my "Most embarrassing moments" stories is from there. I was walking around the maze of mirrors and glass and walked face first into a glass wall. It hurt more than a little.

    oh, and the bumper cars. I remember being a child a riding around in a giant circle try to get my father. And instead being pummeled by everyone else on the track.


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