The unsung features of CP

I think that one of the most overlooked features of Central Park are the rock formations. Uhm, why doesn't anybody ever talk about them!? How come you never overhear conversations like: "How about those big rocks in the park?" "Yeah, you can climb them and get a great view of the city!" "Oh, I know! I like to sit on them sometimes."

Anyway, they are awesome and unsung, so I'm singing them now!

Can anyone tell me if these are real or man-made? Is Central Park man-made?


  1. They're real. They've been there forever. I remember in elementary school taking a trip there and my teacher going on about glacial movement and those rock having been carried thousand of miles by glacial drift to end up in central park.

  2. haha thats so true! I don;t know the history of central park so I'm not sure about them. I just moved back to NY after living in Florida for two years. It feels soo good to be back! I love your blog so much because i don't have a chance to go to the city a lot. Maybe once or twice a month, which is never enough for me lol i plan on living there when i get older, but your blog is keeping me contempt until then!

  3. GREAT shot! I love the rock formations as well. In fact, when going to NY this previous time, I made sure to see them. They're so neat (and fun to climb on).

  4. Many of the large boulders in Central Park are called Erratics. Erratics were carried and deposited here by the Wisconsin Glacier around 10,000 years ago.

    The rock formation you photographed is New York City's own Granite. That is the reason why skyscrapers can be built on Manhattan Island, because of the Granite under Manhattan. Granite helps support the Empire City as well as all of the tall buildings in New York City.

    By the way, do you know there is a large stream which runs under the Empire State Building--It flows into the East River.


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