The MoMA in Queens

There's a MoMA in Queens! I didn't realize that until now. The venue is called: P.S. 1 MoMA: Contemporary Arts Center.

I've been reading about this awesome installation by Leandro Erlich titled Swimming Pool and was unsure of the piece's ending date (March 09? October 09?) so I rushed over there on Sunday afternoon to check it out and see for myself what it would be like to stand inside of a swimming pool, fully clothed and camera equipped.

Erlich's installation is a full size swimming pool that is actually empty except for a few inches of water on the surface that lie above a full length piece of acryllic. You can enter inside the empty pool by taking the stairs underneath the deck, through a hallway and then into a small entrance way, and look up at the visitors above as they look down at you, standing inside a pool, unwet!

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