I don't stop

One weekend back in the beginning of March, I went to the Armory Show on Pier 94 and half a dozen galleries in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It was exhausting and painful (feet-wise) but I couldn't stop or quit because this is New York and this is part of what I came here for! To see what the New York art galleries and museums have to offer, to spend hours traveling to the edge of Manhattan and out to Brooklyn and back if I have to.

So I'd only been to the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood once before, only to get lost and scared as day fell, but this time I was with a group of photographers. We visited Pierogi, The Boiler, The Black and White Project Space and Jack The Pelican.

Here are some memorable images from the night:

Alina and Jeff Bliumis, 'Casual Conversations in Brooklyn'

Jonathan Schipper's '215 Points of View', 2005-09, steel frame,
215 monitors and surveillance cameras, rubber, cables.
At The Boiler, part of Pierogi.

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