Out and about in Chelsea

A few weekends ago I went out to Chelsea with some fellow photographers to visit some of the galleries out by the West Side Highway. The shows at these places change every few weeks so you can visit often and see a wide range of work. We saw everything from airplanes to bamboo installations to sculptures and paintings. 

This is Adel Abdessemed's 2008 piece Telle mere tel fils from his show RIO on display at David Zwirner Gallery on West 19th Street. It is a 65-foot sculptural soft felt braid of tailfins and cockpits from three real airplanes. It was an insane sight from the street. Imagine walking along West 19th Street and then looking up to see this! The installation is mammoth. 

From inside the 7Eleven Gallery on 10th Avenue at West 20th Street where there was a group exhibition. It is a garage-type space that opens out to the street and these beautiful apartment buildings across the way. 

Other galleries visited include: Gladstone Gallery, Steven Kasher Gallery, Postmasters gallery, Hasted Hunt and Paula Cooper Gallery. Additionally, we stopped by the Gagosian Gallery on West 21st Street to see the Pablo Picasso: Mosqueteros show. ALL PABLO. The show had just opened and all the local art-goers were there! 

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