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I'm a long way from Strawberry Fields now (that's the title of this photo blog - "I could not stay in Strawberry Fields forever"). I started writing this about a year ago in April when I noticed how amazing the change of seasons was. I had a lot of photos from when I lived a few blocks away from Strawberry Fields in the Upper West Side, and those photos were starting to pile up along with new photos of other parks and neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and the other boroughs (Queens and Brooklyn).

Maybe not every day, but most days I try to go on an adventure and see a new place or revisit an old one during a different season so that I can capture a different image of what it looks like. I've been to Brooklyn a lot, but never out to the new Ikea store in Red Hook and I finally got the chance to go this past week.

Rather than shop for sofas and poang chairs, I took some pictures and enjoyed the view of the Statue of Liberty from inside the upstairs cafeteria where I had chicken fingers and french fries. It's always so amazing to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. I was excited enough as it was just to see it through the windows of the water taxi on the way there... and here I was sitting in a Swedish chair at a Swedish table eating what I suppose were Swedish chicken strips, enjoying a view of one of the most famous statues in the world.

View of the Statue of Liberty from inside the Ikea cafeteria

The Ikea cafeteria

View of one of the put-together rooms

Signs were everywhere for their food, ha ha!

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  1. This post reminds me why I love this blog! You have a sense of what an everyday person would find interesting and maintain a sense of childlike wonder. The photos also add to this quality.


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