There are a lot of great restaurants and clubs in the Meatpacking District, but there are also many great photo opps and artistic sites there too. I used to think that the only time I would ever end up there would be to go to a trendy club or restaurant, but I would never get a chance to do that anyway, so when the new High Line park opened up above the Meatpacking District, running from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street, I had the opportunity to make it over there for a little sight-seeing.

Cool mural off of Washington Street

Spotted on the ground on Washington Street, in front of the Standard Hotel

The High Line Park


  1. Great first two photos of the meatpacking district but I was expecting more interesting photos of the High Line itself. I understand if you were too busy enjoying the views and people watching to snap away, though:)

  2. You got it! I'm actually not too crazy about the High Line for some reason. The viewing deck (with the glass window views of the street below) is neat though. I think the best photos can be taken there at night because it is beautifully lit.

  3. not a big High Line fan? I love it there! Never been during the daytime, only in the evening/ night. You're right, the light is spectacular at night. peace...


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