The New York Public Library: Mac's (and books) galore!

So, I don't really get this library. You walk in from the 5th Avenue & 42nd Street entrance and you feel like you're inside of a museum... or City Hall or something. It is very majestic and overwhelming—and where are the books I wonder? 

Up many steps and stairways, you will finally find room 315 where there are books, but all you seem to notice are the rows of people sitting at long tables with their Macbooks open (as opposed to books  being open).

While there I took a look at the Gutenberg Bible and some hand-written pages from Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. It occurred to me that I was voluntarily walking around a museum-like library, looking at famous literature and artifacts, when I could be out shopping or at the beach. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches—I mean... avid Museum/library-goer (I love poetry, too).

Inside Room 315, on the 3rd floor

A closer look would reveal many Macs

Beautiful, grandiose lighting

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  1. I like visiting this library but am always disappointed that I can't walk out with a book unless it's from the gift shop! I like that this post ends with a link to a poem.


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