Central Park animals

I love seeing the animals in Central Park—though I have yet to visit the Central Park zoo! While visiting Turtle Pond, I spent what felt like an hour just watching the turtles swim around near the rocks. At one point, just before it poured rain, there were a bunch of people around, including a little girl, all watching the turtles peek their heads above the water and through the duckweed, looking for food. Most of the turtles were your basic size, but one in particular was humongous! The little girl reached her hand out to the turtle and he almost ate it haha. I felt bad for the turtle because he seemed hungry so later on after I got a snack at Public Fare, the concession stand inside the Delacorte Theater, I brought a little bit of it back to give the turtle, but because of the torrential downpour that just happened, all of the little turtles were gone.

I waited for them to come back, but they never did... 
^(lol, I don't mean to sound sad or serious here, but it's true!)

Turtle Pond

The biggest turtle they had there!

Three ducks in a row in Turtle Pond

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