Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue

Louis Vuitton stores and window displays always impress. The mulit-colored thing was in season last November when I was touring NYC with a friend, and now they've gone back to the darker, more serious look (below) in which the brown purse moves from one window display to another. Sort of like at airport security (?)

What I like about this Louis Vuitton display is that it's all about motion and activity. The viewer can stop and watch the purse as it glides through the various windows on a conveyor belt and turns the corner along with the building's exterior (not pictured). You can follow it along its way and then continue making your way back down 5th Avenue towards maybe Saks or St. Patrick's Cathedral.

There is a also a very active display a few blocks away on Lexington and 59th Street where Bloomingdales is located.

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