Random Views

I had the opportunity during work to view and take part in a video shoot of one of my company's residential apartments in the Flat Iron District. While there to assist and take note, I also took some pictures of the amazing views towards Gramercy and Union Square to share with clients on our social media pages.

I should go on these trips more often—they are great NYC photo opps!

The view towards Gramercy and Murray Hill

The view towards Union Square

A lone cone on a rooftop

A pink square on a water tower


  1. I love the city from that perspective! It's such a different world up there, and I especially enjoy looking down at the tops of smaller buildings, they all have such character!

  2. I can never get tired of rooftop pics! They make me feel like Spiderman. You should definitely try to invite yourself to every rooftop shoot. I'm sure those photos you take will be valuable some day.


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