Museum Mile Festival 2010

Last year I discovered one of New York's most unique and totally appropriate festivals—The Museum Mile Festival. I did not know what to expect, other than to visit several of the museums and galleries along Museum Mile (5th Avenue between 82nd and 105th Streets).

Last year there were chalk drawings, street performers, interactive art and even a human rolling around in a life-size hamster ball (sorry, cannot find the picture...) I walked the entire "mile", visiting several sites and enjoying the street scenes.

This year, I teamed up with Joseph to walk the mile, starting at the Metropolitan Museum and enjoying the views from the roof top deck where they had a fascinating installation up by Doug+Mike Starn called "Big Bambu". I don't know how these guys did it but they really built something big!

View toward Midtown from the Met roof top deck

"Big Bambu" installation on the roof top deck

The crowds on Museum Mile

Chalk drawing by Artist De La Vega

Another chalk drawing (not De La Vega)

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  1. Hey I didn't know there was a shout out to me here! Frawesome! That's how I say freakin' awesome! If it wasn't for you I would have missed this entirely. Thanks again! If anyone wants to check out my site with Katie drawing at the Museum Mile post cut and paste URL here: http://www.istillheartnewyork.com/?p=66


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