Views from Bushwick, Brooklyn

Over the weekend there was an open studio event in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bushwick is located southeast of Williamsburg and close to Queens. Artists opened their studios to the public as part of Bushwick Open Studios 2010. Visitors could talk with the Artist, check out their work space and view works in progress. A lot of the "studios" were the Artists' homes and they were very nice and spacious—with paint and canvas everywhere!

I went with a group and toured maybe 25 studios out of 300. It was very hot and we were in and out of numerous buildings. I don't know why the heat waits to break out on the weekends when people are out exploring the city, then goes away during the week when people are safe inside their offices...

Anyway, it was an inspiring arts festival showcasing many forms of fine art, studio art and mixed media.

From almost every street and outdoor patio in Bushwick, you can get a glimpse of The Empire State Building and the rest of the Manhattan skyline.

For some reason, it always looks so blue... maybe it's the Yankee's colors?

View from a roof deck at Troutman Studios

Manhattan skyline faaaaaar in the background

Inside an Artist's studio at Troutman Studios

Many canvases inside an Artist's studio

Art supplies

Signs outside Artist Studio #116

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