While exploring Greenwich Village (an old hobby of mine from when I first lived in the city) over the weekend, I was inspired by Scouting NY's blog to take and post pictures of an old abandoned hotel by the West Side Highway.

Located at the corner of Barrow and West Streets in the West Village, I am not quite sure what the name of this 'Hotel' used to be, but it is in a great spot near a couple of piers and public parks.

It's fun to wonder about the history of this place and what it was like maybe 40 or 50 years ago...

The only sign this place has

The front, gated and locked up

The front door, without a doorknob or address

(but next door is the address 386 West Street)

I'm not sure what this means or even what it says
but it is small lettering on the corner of the building


  1. The "useless" is someone's graffiti tag from the looks of it. I want to visit this place now:)

  2. Haha I thought it said Lizelezz or Lizzies. I have weak eyes :-/


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