Manhattanhenge 2010

I'd been looking forward to Manhattanhenge for a year couple of months now—since last year's viewing out in Long Island City at Gantry Plaza State Park. A yellow post-it reading, "Manhattanhenge, July 11, 8:26 - 8:28 pm" had been hanging (and falling) from my work computer as an important reminder since I missed the May 31st one.

It was cloudy on Memorial Day anyway, but on Sunday, July 11th, the weather was perfect and Joseph from I Still Heart New York and I went out to the Tudor City Bridge above 42nd Street and 1st Avenue to catch this very special, very orangish/red event.

There were crowds already forming along this pedestrian bridge but we got a pretty good spot in the second row (behind all the tripods) and waited patiently for the few minutes worth of perfect sun alignment with Manhattan's East-West grid.

Here it comes!

Almost Manhattanhenge...

Almost centered.

He sees it too!

Perfectly centered with the Chrysler Building also in view

On its way out...

Painting the city orange and red

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  1. What a great post! I love all the little personal tidbits like the yellow post-it and calling it a orangish/red event:) The photo sequence is pretty cool, too and thanks for the blog shout out!


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