Another view from above NYC

Over the past year and a half I've been flying in and out of New York much more often, so I am able to get some views from above the city. I always pick a window seat and get my camera out for a few minutes as we fly over the many skyscrapers and famous landmarks of Manhattan. By now I know just the right seat to pick and the what side to pick it on.

Leave a comment and I will tell you which side, haha!

Central Park

View of Central Park with the Boathouse, Conservatory Water and Banshell in sight
The Upper East Side
Thanks Curbed for featuring my photo on your site!
View toward Midtown, Madison Square Park, Gramercy
New York Life Insurance Building

View toward Long Island City, Queens and Roosevelt Island


  1. Fabulous! Left side, leaving LaGuardia?

  2. Right side, flying into LGA from FL!

  3. I have said it before but I will say it again, these photos are AWESOME!

  4. It really depends on which runway they are using for landings on any given day, which depends on the wind direction. Sometimes the landing approach comes up over Brooklyn and Queens, with Manhattan on the left.


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