Summer skies

Summer is the best time to capture the sky in any scenic picture you take. My boyfriend always bugs me that I never take any pictures of people (or me with the people), but ever since summer of '06 when I first lived in the city, I've had a thing for the sky.

Summer skies are the best. They are almost always blue and clear. Cloudy is a good thing, because then you have some texture and contrast.

I was looking through some of my recent photos from June up to now, and I noticed one common element, thanks to my love for photographing buildings and anything else that touches the sky...

Here are some of the skies I've seen this summer:

Calm skies

Clear skies

High contrast skies

Orange skies

Museum skies
(the Met)

Reflective skies

Pink skies

Long skies

Cloudy skies

White fluffy skies

Skies through bus windows

Scary skies

Perfect skies

: )

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  1. You forgot sporty skice and baby skice...oh wait, I think I confused skies with a defunct Britpop group. That relection one is superb!


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