Visiting the Cloisters Museum during the Medieval Festival

On October 3rd I made my way up to Upper Manhattan and into Fort Tyron Park for the annual Medieval Festival. My friends and I snacked on turkey legs and dragon juice, watched a magic show (I even participated), and listened to some musical performances as we roamed up and down Margaret Corbin Drive, just north of 190th Street and West of Broadway, in Inwood.

Our aim was to spend some time at the festival and then head to the top of the park to visit the Cloisters Museum, which most of us had never been to before. We enjoyed the architecture, the views and the gardens, all the while surrounded by other festival goers in armor and Renaissance gowns!

The view East from Fort Tyron Park
The view from Fort Tyron Park

A performance by Melissa The Loud, playing the hurdy gurdy musical instrument
Hurdy Gurdy

A magic show by Michael Lee, Man of Magic

A Unicorn at the festival!
Unicorn at the festival!

View of some vendor tents from the Cloister's West Terrace

The Cloisters Museum front entrance
The Cloisters Museum

Cloisters Garden view
Cloisters Garden view

Another view from the West Terrace of the Cloisters Museum
View toward the Hudson

Garden inside the Cloisters Museum

I wasn't sure what kind of animal this was, but I spotted it from the Bonnefont Cloister and Garden Area.
(I've been told it's a groundhog/woodchuck)

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  1. This makes me wish I was there...oh wait I was! Such a fun day! Thanks for the re-visit with this post! Great pics, too!


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