5th Avenue gold

On Thanksgiving night, after a day of rest from all of the early morning parade activity, I went out to dinner in the Theater District then walked up and down 5th Avenue admiring the holiday lights and window displays. The golden lights reflecting off the storefronts caught my eye the most throughout the night, as well as the gold shades and glowing hues in signs, flags, statues and so on.

Looking north on 5th Avenue from 49th Street
5th Avenue

Rockefeller Center's ice skating rink (just off 5th Avenue & 49th Street)
The Rock Center Cafe and the Prometheus statue

Rock Center cafe

30 Rock and the flags around the perimeter of the ice skating rink
Rockefeller Center

Bergdorf Goodman

The golden seal outside of Cartier


Looking south on 5th Avenue toward 49th Street
5th Avenue


  1. Oh it makes so much more sense now!I love that you went with a gold theme. Inspiring!

  2. Very cool photos, I believe there's not other city like NYC... It's just something magical about it.


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