At the Bronx Zoo

Before it got too cold, I visited the Bronx Zoo for the first time since I have lived in the City. This large scale park is located within the Bronx Park and is actually the largest metropolitan zoo in the U.S.

The Bronx Zoo is home to the Wildlife Conservation Society and while it is a place to view the various indoor, outdoor, underwater and jungle dwelling species, it is also a place to gain inspiration and insight into the future of the wildlife on view. The Conservation Society's aim is to encourage visitors to learn more about these animals not only here, but at the New York Aquarium, Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens Zoos as well.

While there I viewed the Himalayan Highlands, Tiger Mountain, Jungleworld, the African Plains, the Aquatic Bird House, Congo Gorilla Forest and more. And every corner I turned and every path I walked down seemed to have a peacock or two running wild. They were all over the place! (I later learned that they are there to scare away snakes...) This made for a fun time and a great first visit to the Bronx Zoo. See below for some sights and scenes from this visit!

Bronx Zoo

A peacock spotted along Bronx Park South

Peacock running free by the Dancing Crane Cafe

A little girl chasing one of the peacocks by the Dancing Crane Cafe

Camels spotted by the Asia Plaza

A Malayan Tapir in the indoor Jungleworld exhibit

Underwater scene from inside the Jungleworld exhibit

Penguin feeding time at the Sea Bird Aviary

Goldfish inside the Butterfly Garden

A Monarch resting on a display plate inside the Butterfly Garden

Flamingos outside the Dancing Crane Cafe

Giraffes outside the Carter Giraffe Building

One of the Tiger brothers on Tiger Mountain

sources: Wikipedia and the map I got when I visited.

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  1. I didn't know about the peacocks on the loose. I have been there in a good long while. Great post!


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