Spiderman on Broadway

After my 8 hours of standing around in Times Square the other night (New Year's Eve), I didn't expect to find myself back on 42nd Street anytime soon, but an opportunity presented itself this past Tuesday so I just had to go back. My friend Joe from I Still Heart New York had an extra ticket to see Spiderman, Turn off the Dark on Broadway!

I'd been wanting to see the play for a while, but I'd heard so many bad reviews that I wasn't even sure it was still going on. It turns out previews were still taking place despite recent problems with stunts and injuries.

The show goes on, risks and all, and on this particular night, everything went smoothly. I went into it with low expectations and stepped out feeling like I'd seen the best up and coming play on Broadway. I enjoyed it more than The Lion King and Wicked. Everything from the plot, stunts (Spiderman flies above the audience!) and music were perfect. Except it was a little too long - about 3 hours. And it turns out, Bono from U2, who wrote and composed the play's music with The Edge, was in the audience as well that night!

The backdrop of NYC included the Chrysler Building and the Queensborough and Brooklyn Bridges, as well as Peter Parker's Queens High School and picturesque Forest Hills neighborhood. I wish I could have gotten a picture of these props and illustrations, but I only had the nerve to take pictures during the show's end, which as you can see to the audience revealed about 10 Spiderman stunt doubles!


  1. Glad you got to see it, I so want to see it before it closes because I know it will just be spectacular - even though everyone is complaining about it!

  2. I really liked seeing the little 7 train(or maybe the N) making its way across the bridge. Oh, um, his neighborhood is Forest Hills, but the houses looked more like Elmhurst. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. @ Josef, yeah, thanks so much! And it was probably the 7...

  4. I'm looking at buying tickets and I was wondering if you remember which row you were in and perhaps seat numbers? And how was your view of the show, stunts, etc.


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