The Armory arts show, 2011

The Armory Show—my photo friends and I go every year!

3 years ago on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 my friend Edward, who runs Wired New York, organized a meet-up for local photographers at the Armory Show out on Pier 94 by 12th Avenue and the Hudson River—and we've gone to the show every year since!

I have some past blog posts showing the contemporary art that I've admired at the show over the years, and here's another one:

Neon green

"New York is a lot of work" - $1,000 worth of dollar bills foil stamped by Reed Seifer
New York is a lot of work

From the 'Untitled' Gallery in New York - $576.60 worth of pennies
laid out on the floor by Los Angeles artist Ry Rocklen

From oliva arauna galeria - 'Three Women', consisting of one photograph,
six light projectors and six tripods.
Lights, action

The Armory Fence - site-specific neon installation by Ivan Navarro, 
Displayed by Paul Kasmin Gallery
Fence man

Neon mirrors

'I Love U' 2009 piece by Kira Kim, made of LED bulbs and mixed media pieces.
Shown by Kukje Gallery in Seoul, Korea and the Tina Kim Gallery in New York.
'I Love U'

My friend and I taking pictures of a cool piece by Michelangelo Pistoletto
set up by the Giorgio Persano gallery
Mirror, us 2


  1. Awesome arts show. I love your capture of the Armory Fence!

  2. A lot of really cool pics here Katie. That last one with you and Amy is hilarious!


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