Tom Otterness in Battery Park City

Tom Otterness' characters made of bronze have been described as "comical, cunning, cartoonish and adorable". His bronze sculptures are located throughout the City in Times Square (on West 42nd between 7th & 8th in front of the AMC movie theater), along the 8th Avenue subway station of the L & ACE trains, and also in Battery Park City.

I went to a guided tour on Saturday, May 8th at 2 pm with the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy, which described the public exhibition of 'The Real World', installed in 1992, of some of Tom's cartoony characters.

You really had to look around. They were everywhere!

Tom Otterness' 'The Real World'

"Humpty Dumpty is the Fiddler on the Roof"!
Humpty Dumpty is the Fiddler On the Roof...

Kids are allowed to climb all over his works!
Humpty Kid

Spilt martini glass. Or is it a flashlight?
Spilt Martini glass

Almost took some of these for myself.. I mean, we're in recession
Penny stacks

Penny stacks
People feet

Why is the cat tied up!?
Tied up cat


Penny people

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