Manhattanhenge 2011 - July 12

Since I missed the event in May, the Manhattanhenge that was set to take place on July 12th and 13th was all I've been able to think about.

I was lucky enough to see this rare sunset from 34th Street and 1st Avenue, and capture the "Peoplehenge" phenomenon that takes place too as photographers take over the intersection between green lights to get the best view.

Practice shot for Manhattanhenge, just minutes before it occurred!
Manhattanhenge capture

Paparazzi waiting for Manhattanhenge, just minutes before it occured!
Manhattanhenge paparazzi!

Sun spark

Close call with a cab

Scary bus traffic speeding by
Manhattanhenge & bus

Cell phone capture
Manhattanhenge cell

More to come from tomorrow's Manhattanhenge viewing!


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