It's not so far

This past weekend I left the concrete jungle for those things they call 'The Hamptons.'

There is a lot to be said and not to be said about The Hamptons. One thing is they were not what I expected or envisioned. The beaches are small, the back roads are scary and the shops and restaurants are no place for a poor 21-year-old from the cheap city of Manhattan (Manhattan is cheap compared to The Hamptons).

The sky is low and changes color every few minutes. The air is clean, the bushes are green and if you look closely, you'll see Sarah Jessica Parker shopping for sandals on Main Street.

Can you imagine living a life where you have a place in the city and a place in The Hamptons - two places so different but not so far apart?

My friend and her son in front of J. McLaughlin in Southhampton

Elephants in front of JLX cafe in Sag Harbor

The Eileen Fisher in Southhampton

View from Sunset Beach on Shelter Island

My friend and her son on Sunset Beach

Katie Killary

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