Take Your Time

But... in New York, can you really?

On Friday June 27th I went to The Museum of Modern Art to see an exhibit by my favorite contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson. He is my absolute favorite I tell you. He does indoor installations that mimick the great outdoors - rain, rainbows, the sun, light, reflections.

He also has on display the waterfalls in Manhattan near several of the bridges. He is just an amazing guy who wants his audience to interact in new and innovative ways with what they are looking at. You don't just look at his stuff. You can stand inside of it and be a major part of it. Without you, it may as well not be there.

So here are some images from his exhibit at the MoMa through June 30th titled, Take Your Time.

Room For One Color: The entire 3rd floor lobby was lit up with flourescent yellow light

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