4th of July - Fireworks and no fireworks

I watched fireworks from South Street Seaport and my plan was to not take any photographs of the display—to actually enjoy something for once and not lose the moment by moment experience by trying to capture and save it as a 72 dpi photograph in a random folder on my desktop.

—Actually, okay, my original plan was to not see fireworks on the 4th of July in Manhattan. I've seen them from the FDR before, why not try something new? Well it was cloudy and rainy all day in NYC and there were no bar-b-q's for me to mooch cheeseburgers off of so I resorted to a display of round sparkly lights in the sky that only crackle and fade, unlike memories.

cops everywhere telling us where on the FDR we can't go - but we go anyway.

My first time seeing the Brooklyn Bridge. woooow.

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