Long Beach - It's a beach in Long Island

I loved riding on the LIRR for one hour out to Long Beach. It was my first time being on the LIRR and also my first time going to a beach in New York. I didn't expect it to be anything new or shocking since I grew up on Daytona Beach and went to school near St. Pete Beach, but it was interesting I guess. I'm so conflicted over my feelings for Long Island—I don't even know why I have feelings for Long Island. Maybe I'm destined to do that cliche thing where you leave the city and move out to one of the suburbs. I guess I would go with Long Island.

Long Beach was a totally different beach going experince. You have to pay $10 to go on it, it's extremely crowded, and the strip of condos along the boardwalk were all crummy.

You New Yorkers need to get down to the Florida beaches. You'll never look back!

notice how "Beach" is spelled!

"Wish you were beautiful. The weather is here."

I love taking pictures of water!

Do the Rockaway! (train stop)


  1. Hey!! Im from Long Island!... but....... there are many reasons why I am still not there :) Love the Blog!

  2. Awesome! I haven't been out to Long Beach since the beginning of last summer - have to make a trip out there asap!


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