Night is scary

It's February and I haven't posted any winter related pictures yet! What kind of New York City photos person am I? Last year it only snowed about three times and not one time did it last throughout the day. The sun came up and melted it all right away.

So far this year it has snowed nearly a dozen times and always at night while the city that never sleeps, sleeps. In the morning I put on my snow boots and long johns and grab an umbrella in case there is still a little bit of a snowfall. There usually is, but between carrying a purse, my bag lunch and umbrella while fumbling with gloves and scarves, it's pretty impossible to take a picture of the beautiful white snow.

So I don't have any cute pictures of the snow, but for now I have this scary image of a tree and pedestrian sign on 31st Street in Astoria, Queens.

look closely, there's a little bit of snow!

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